Saturday, September 28, 2013

Build An Emergency Special Needs Binder

Holland may be beautiful, but it's very, very complicated. If (God forbid!) anything were to happen to you, would your spouse, mother, friend, brother or other trusted person know what to do to keep your special needs son or daughter's life running smoothly? I know mine wouldn't, so today I'm building an emergency special needs binder. 

I have my big, fat, 2-inch binder from Costco, and my big, fat pile of every document I've filed, every bill I've paid, and every report I've received on my son's behalf during the past 12 months. I also have a nice pile of crispy new sheet protectors and dividers, and my 3-hole punch and copy machine on standby. I am ready to go!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Learn Something New Every Day

The Los Angeles Public Library offers free, online tutorials in a number of subjects, starting with foreign languages. Learn Spanish (or French or Italian or dozens of other languages, or English if your native language is another) with interactive software that includes apps for Android and I-Phone. (I've used the Mango Language courses, but the library also offers Powerspeak.)

Universal Class is organized into over 40 major topics, including (among many others) accounting, business, computers, finance, history, homeschooling, math, real estate, psychology, and special education. Within each of those topic areas, there are anywhere from 10 to 40 or more online courses (more than 500 total courses). Registration is required, as some of these courses may be used to meet continuing education requirements. However, these are self-paced tutorials.

A little less intense, Learn4Life rotates a series of 6-week, online courses from about a dozen topic areas, including a number of courses in computer software applications, a beginning guitar course (what?),